Meet the NEW



easy as Typical plastic bottles
with way less waste.

Remove the lid
of your Capsule

Drop OuFill into Capsule top-down

Open the
perforated circle

your lid

Flip For Our OuiFills


Tapered Bottom

Just like our capsules, all OuiFills have a tapered bottom to get you the most product for your buck.

Long Lasting

Not ready to swap out your OuilFill yet? Just store your cartridge upright in a dry place. Our foil layer will keep your product fresh for up to a year.

Easy to Recycle

Cartons are recyclable through most local programs in the US and are gaining momentum every day.

Easy Open

Our easy-open punch seal eliminates the need for a plastic cap or spout.

More Paper. Less Plastic.

Each Ouifill is made of 81% paperboard sourced from only sustainable FSC certified partners.

Smaller Footprint

OuiFills have a 70% smaller production footprint than traditional bottles. OuiFills also ship flat to be filled, requiring only about 4% of the truck space.

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Meet The Reusable Ouila Capsule


Tapered Bottom

Traditional pump bottles waste up to 10% of the product at the bottom. With our tapered innovation, your product is funneled right down to the pump. 

Space Conscious

Squared design allows capsules to sit closely in your shower or tub, saving valuable shelf space. Bonus: this allows for more compact and eco-friendly shipping.

Easy Grip Cutouts

We even designed special cutouts to make your OuiFills easy to access and remove when empty. 

Easy Filling & Cleaning

Refilling and cleaning your capsule is a breeze with its wide, easy open lid. No more narrow spouts or messy funnels. And hey, they’re also dishwasher safe.

Locally Made

Our bottles are made right here in the U.S.A., maintaining our high quality standards while keeping our delivery footprint low. 

Recycled & Recyclable

Our capsules are made from 90% recycled material. When your Ouila capsule reaches the end of its life, simply separate the pump and drop it into your standard plastics recycling. 

Using a Mounted Dispenser?

Our versatile OuiFills can also open from the top like a standard carton, cutting plastic bottles from your mounted refill routine.

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Garden Party Moisturizing Shampoo

$18.00 | 16.9 floz (500 mL)

Damaged hair rejoice! Our all-natural formula gives you the clean you need without stripping natural oils needed to keep things tame. 

EXPERIENCE:   Enjoy the fragrances of fresh spring blooms with rose, lily, and ylang ylang essential oils.
BEST FOR:   Normal to thick hair looking for extra moisture and softness

Organically Derived


Free of Sulfates Parabins Phthalates

Naturally Scented

Rinses Clean