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Ouila began with a wild idea: that convenience and sustainability don’t have to be mortal enemies.

That people want to do better for the earth, but they’re also busy and full of habits. That a solution could be created to merge our active, disposable lifestyles with better materials and processes.

And we could create it

What if we gave people a better option they never had to think twice about? Make it out of renewable paper, have it ship flat to save truck space, and even design it to remove wasteful caps? Make it recyclable and less damaging when thrown away.

And what if it was amazingly easy for people to use? What if the design was quick and clean and reduced product waste? What if they could order it right from their phone and we delivered it to their door?

Then we went even further

What if we didn’t keep this amazing packaging all to ourselves?

What if we served other hair care brands as well as we serve our customers? Providing amazing alternatives to plastic bottles while giving our community of shoppers the variety they deserve in their hair and body care selections.

So we got to work

We designed and built and failed and improved, over and over again. Eventually, we created something we are proud to bring you and something we believe you’ll be proud to be a part of.

Sustainability doesn't have to be so inconvenient and convenience doesn't have to be so wasteful.

We're not perfect.
we hope you're not either.

Ouila is a company for the many, not the few.

Everything has been created with one thing in mind – to deliver quality products with the convenience you know and love in a new, exciting way. 

We’re not here to fight fast-and-easy, we accept it, and want to make it a little better. 

We have big plans

The word BETTER is written in Sharpie on our wall, and it has been since day one. Building a business based on a middle ground doesn’t mean we settle for ‘good enough’. We are pretty darn proud of what we’ve created, and are already working to improve it.

– To bring you more capsule designs to best fit your personality

– To partner with amazing care brands to represent all hair needs

– To reduce our footprint even further

– To fit our system to work within more industries

Tequila "Ouila" - Namesake and Chief Strategist
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Our Truths

Sustainability should be sustainable
We need to cut the eco-ego
Small steps are the path forward
we must always pursue better
recycling isn't cutting it
people want to do good

Ouila - Lt. Blue Drop Only shadow

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Our Truths

Sustainability Should Be Sustainable

SUSTAINABILITY SHOULD BE SUSTAINABLE: All of the great ideas and innovations in the world won’t do much good if no one adopts them. People are overwhelmingly busy and often we need big or fast or convenient just to stay afloat. Any sustainable option needs to fit into people’s busy lives and accommodate their needs. Not the other way around.

We need to cut the Eco-Ego

WE NEED TO CUT THE ECO-EGO: We’re done pretending like this sustainability thing is simple and clear. We’re not judging you over there sipping your iced coffee from a plastic straw. We need to build a community of people that are willing to throw their hands up and admit “I have no idea what I should be recycling”. Only then can we take our small steps forward to learn more, and the fact is, our team is still trying to fit our eco-friendly choices into our lives just as much anyone else.

Small Steps Are The Path Forward

SMALL STEPS ARE THE PATH FORWARD: Big leaps are great, but they’re not for everyone. Taking constant, small steps forward and bringing your friends along will get a lot more of us to the true destination.

We must always pursue better

WE MUST ALWAYS PURSUE BETTER: We can’t rest on ‘good enough’. Every day we work to better serve our tribe: through our products, through our convenience, and through the experience we bring to you. Two things are certain. Tomorrow we will not be perfect. Tomorrow we will be better.
Recycling Isn't cutting it
RECYCLING ISN'T CUTTING IT: Recycling is a great solution, but only when it's utilized to the fullest. Whether you blame it on habits or confusion or lack of access, the fact is that an overwhelming majority of packaging isn't recycled these days. We have to both a.) empower recycling behaviors and b.) think beyond recycling to ensure our cartons have a minimal footprint if/when they enter the waste stream.

People Want to do Good

PEOPLE WANT TO DO GOOD: No one is using disposable plastics because they want our oceans to die a slow, painful death. We can’t imagine someone with such a personal grudge against a sea turtle. We believe in our heart of hearts that people want to do good in the world and will jump at the chance if given both knowledge and convenient opportunities.


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