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It’s “Wee-luh”, like “weee, helping the planet is so fun!”

If you’re currently recycling your bottles- that’s great! Many people aren’t. However, the issues with plastic bottles aren’t only with their afterlife. 

Ouila aims to go beyond recyclability to create a better package from start to finish. Our cartons’ primary use of paper prioritizes natural, renewable resources vs plastics chemically produced using fossil fuels. Their production is significantly cleaner than plastic bottles, with roughly 66% less carbon emissions, and they ship flat to be filled, requiring a small fraction of the trucking empty bottles do. Finally, the paper within our cartons is fully biodegradable, giving our cartons a much greater biodegradation rate (though not fully biodegradable) if they end up at a landfill. Of course, OuiFills are recyclable in most US communities, and reaching more areas rapidly as cartons become more popular.

Most cartons require you to open and pour your products, which can be a messy and cumbersome experience. Our OuiFills have been uniquely redesigned to function just as a traditional package for our users – simply pop open the seal and begin pumping your products. As a bonus: the unique inverted design funnels your products right down to your pump, helping you score every possible drop.

Care products such as shampoos and conditioners are very aggressive on paperboard (especially those that are all-natural without a bunch of artificial preservatives), so some coating is always required. Otherwise, your OuiFill would fall apart on the shelf or in your shower. We’ve worked to minimize these layers as much as possible (with 81% paper!) while still keeping your products safe.

Some solid products are able to eliminate all packaging/plastics, which are arguably more eco-friendly than our solution. However, we believe hair and body care is a very personal thing, and the current offerings for solid products aren’t for everyone. Millions of liquid care products are sold every year, and we’re here to help those making and using them do a little better without sacrificing the attributes that make them great.

We hope you’ll love the variety of quality care products we offer, and we are working every day to partner with more of your favorite brands and make the switch easier. However if you’re not finding your ideal care products with Ouila, you can always use our Capsules alone as a great refilling solution. Simply buy your products in bulk or visit local refilling stations to minimize your plastic waste. Our Capsules’ wide opening, tapered bottom, and sturdy design make a great refilling solution for any products! Capsules can be purchased individually on our accessories page.



You can subscribe to any of our OuiFills. Currently, our Starter Kits cannot be subscribed to (or you’d receive multiple capsules). We hope you’ll enjoy the products in your starter kit and return to subscribe to them.

You can cancel your subscriptions at any time by clicking the Cancel button within your Account Dashboard. If products have already shipped, we will need to process them as a standard return.

Yes! Contact us any time before your subscription ships to swap products. We’re working on building this feature into your account dashboard… stay tuned!
You can update all of your personal information including your billing and shipping address, payment information, and preferences in your Account Dashboard.
You can pause your shipments any time in your Account Dashboard.
You can always click the Renew Now button in your account dashboard to receive your subscription products sooner than scheduled.

Nope! We offer subscribing as a great option to save money and keep your products stocked. You always have the option of making a one-time order.


Any Ouila Capsule or sealed OuiFill can easily be returned within 30 days of receipt. Simply contact for a return form. 
Gift cards cannot be returned.
See below for opened OuiFills.

Because they cannot be resealed (and would make quite a mess in the mail truck) we cannot accept opened OuiFills for return. With that, we understand you are trying new brands out with Ouila and want you to love the products you use! If at any time you’re unhappy with a OuiFill you’re using, please contact customer service and we’ll do our best to match you with a better fit.
Ouila currently ships to any location within the United States. We look forward to growing and expanding our served areas within our first year.
You can place orders without creating an account. However, creating an account will give you access to view and edit your order details and ease your checkout process in the future.



OuiFills are made up of 81% paperboard, plus 13% PE coating to seal it and a thin 6% layer of aluminum to keep your products fresh. All elements are recyclable.

The fact is, because they’re made of so many different types of plastic caps are very rarely recycled.
We’ve design OuiFills to maximize ease and minimize plastics. Our unique design allows us to cut 7% more plastic than standard cartons while still giving you easy access.

So many things from start to finish! Cartons have a much lower production and shipping footprint on the front end. To learn more, visit our Why Ouila is Better page.

You sure can! Even mounted refillable dispensers require plastic bottles or pouches to refill them. OuiFills can open just like a standard milk carton if you need to pour product into a unit.

Stored in a dry location, OuiFills will keep your products at the peak of freshness for up to one year. Of course, this will vary slightly based on the ingredients used by each brand.


Our OuiFill cartons are recyclable in most community recycling programs in the U.S.
Simply drop your carton into your mixed recycling bin when it’s empty. If you have sorted recycling, place the carton in with your plastics and glass (this helps it make its way to the carton recycling stream).

The Carton Council offers an awesome carton recycling locater here.
Nope! In fact, the soap remaining in cartons actually aids in the recycling process. Just make sure the carton is primarily empty before tossing.
Nope! No crushing needed either. It’s much easier for scanners along the recycling belt to tell cartons from other recyclables when they’re in their natural form.



Ouila capsules are made of a 90% post-industrial recycled resin. We’re doing our best to leave a small footprint, and even help the recycling process where we can. 

Our Capsules are made right here in Michigan to minimize our shipping footprint and maximize our quality oversight. Our pumps are imported from a Trade Assured partner in China where metal pumps are manufactured.
The best way to clean your Ouila bottle is hand washing with warm water. You can also throw them in the dishwasher, but we recommend turning off heated drying to maximize the life of your capsule.
You don’t have to. We created OuiFills to simplify the refilling process. However if you prefer to use products not available in OuiFills, our capsules are great for refilling from my bulk containers. Our Capsules even have a tapered bottom like our cartons to score you every last drop.
Capsules are designed to be used with or without OuiFills. For those wishing to refill with other products, capsules are able to hold a standard 24 fl oz.
Ouila is committed to a holistic approach to sustainability. We with work our charitable partners to donate the resources required to plant one tree for every OuiFill we sell. We have identified an organization we feel great about and will keep our community posted on our partnership through our opening months of sales.


Capsules are designed to work both with OuiFills or directly with your favorite products. We’ve provided two different tube lengths to make sure you can reach every last drop of product no matter how you’re using capsules. 14cm to reach the bottom of your OuiFill, and 16cm to reach the bottom of the capsule when used alone.

We include two tubes with every starter kit: a shorter tube to be used with OuiFills and a longer tube if you’re using your capsule directly with other products. This allows you to get the most product from your container no matter how you use it. If your tube is too long or short, try swapping it out for the other tube provided in your kit.

We recommend using your capsule products at least once a week to avoid product sitting and drying in your pump. If your pump does clog, soak it in warm water and run some hot soapy water through it. If you have a clog beyond saving, just contact customer service and we’ll get you new one.

If you need a replacement tube at any time, simply add a set to your cart from our Gifts and Accessories page. Replacements are free for our customers, we just ask that you include them in a greater shipment whenever possible to keep our shipping footprint low.
Our OuiFills and Capsules are designed with a tapered bottom to help you get the most product with your pump. If you’re finding that your OuiFill isn’t dropping all the way into your Capsule, rotate it 45* clockwise until the Ouila logo on the OuiFill is on the same side as the Ouila logo on the Capsule.


Virtual gift cards will be processed and sent immediately to your recipient via email. If you don’t wish for your virtual gift card to be sent immediately, simply adjust the send date at the bottom of your customization form. Physical gift cards will be mailed to you within three business days of receiving your order.
Both virtual and physical gift cards can be used immediately upon receipt by your recipient through Please note that any orders placed by your recipient will be subject to the same pre-order delivery schedule noted above.

Our virtual gift cards have a lot of room to personalize. Drop in a custom image, personal messaging, change the amount, and even change the date your loved one will receive their card. Our printed gift cards come as a standard design.

Gift cards can be used on any one-time purchase of all products available on Giftcards work like a payment method, and will be independent of any other coupons or discounts.
Because a credit card is required on file for any subscription, users will not be able to subscribe to products when using a gift card. Users wishing to subscribe can always do so in their next purchase using a traditional payment method. We hope to streamline this in the future.